its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Oh yes, the silly season is well and truly upon us and this year, I’m embracing it fully!  My workplace is now one big bag of tinsel and tree ornaments and a room full of painted christmas themed pictures…. the clients have been hard at it, decorating rounds of cardboard with buttons and beads, painting (or colouring in) christmassy type pictures – I wish I had a photo for you all to see – and singing carols.  It’s been a week long experience!  My boss and I entered ourselves (noone else in our team seemed enthusiastic enough) into a centre-wide christmas decoration competition…. the judging is on Wednesday and we’ve bluffed everyone by making them think we’ve finished! OH NO…. not Kay and I….. we’ve got much to do and when the judges walk through our doors in the PAG (Planned Activity Group) room on tuesday, they’ll think they’re in the North Pole!!! I’ll take photos – I promise!

So, the mood has flowed through to my home life.  Started off by the beautiful work of the girls as featured in my previous post and followed on by me, in my silly Santa hat!  It’s been a fabulous excuse, this Christmas thing – i don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear, I just pull out my fabulous felted christmas number and thats it, no thinking required…. um, I’ll think about whether you really need to see photos and may post them after tonight’s christmas party!

Much excitement in our household this morning as today, December 13, is day number one of our 12 days of christmas swap thingie.  I posted my contribution a little while ago and have waited very patiently to start opening the return gifts….


Jacky sent us a gorgeous Klimt inspired angel.  I love her and she seems very happy hanging amongst the decorations on our tree.  I’m so sorry about the ridiculous photo Jacky – its pouring with rain here and the light is terrible for photos.  There are 11 other gals (obviously!!!) playing too and I’m sure they are posting pikkies if you’re interested.  I’ll add a list of the players to my blogroll asap.

My next best exciting news is that I am attending an “extension” art group at the shop that I used to work at.  Pamela Farmer (no blog or website unfortunately) is leading us in an attempt to extend our art practise.  I am really looking forward to the discipline that I am hoping I will develop from these monthly group get togethers!  Today we made lino cuts – something I’ve done many a time before, but I always love a good excuse to carve a new “stamp”!!!


These two characters are inspired by a set of wooden “nesting” dolls that were brought home from Japan in the 60’s by my grandmother.  They are such beautiful dolls that I thought I’d like to try to capture them in print.



printed onto paper and calico using speedball water soluable inks

I did a lot more printing than shown here but the images are not clear enough to show on my blog.  I played around with printing on a couple of different types of fabric with both ink and using the discharge method using bleach (stinky horrible stuff).  I got a great result using bleach on a piece of black open weave cotton – the resulting image is really interesting and I’m going to keep working on it over the next couple of weeks.

We are all keeping visual diaries and work books but as I only started this week I haven’t got my book together yet!  The cover is done and I just need to rebind it – will post pikkies here when it’s finished.

I hope everyone else is getting into the spirit – here’s something I’ve posted before that I think may help you along…..


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2 Responses to its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

  1. Jacky says:

    Oh wow…. I love your new lino cut Samm. The images have come up so well on the calico too. You must give me some tips on applying to fabric (you know I’m a bit of a fabric-a-holic !!!). You carve amazing stuff.
    I must have a play… I’ve bought both lino and rubber and thats as far as I’ve got.

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