instant family / christmas elves come to visit

Proposed project:- buy christmas tree and decorate.  clean up afterwards!

Timeline:- only one sunday afternoon!!!



In order to ensure complete co-operation, engage bribery and corruption techniques…. “who’s for a hot chocolate??”


Build the experience up to such a level that excitement actually shows….


Run out all the excess energy…




Stand back while the elves choose the tree


employ the services of your very tolerant husband for those hard to reach places…


let them run wild with the tinsel, let them pull funny faces at the camera and don’t worry about the mess…. its easy to clean up….. tomorrow!


Great job girls…. will you come back next christmas?

sleepy-girls If I’m resting, she is too….

check the looks on both faces – 4legged face says “oh my goodness, I’m too scared to move” and  2legged face says, ” I didn’t do it” whilst trying to keep her eyes open!


the littlest elf passing time during “handover”!!! oops!

thank you for sharing your beautiful girls M and M


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3 Responses to instant family / christmas elves come to visit

  1. Jacky says:

    What a fun time !!! I’m sure that event will be remembered for many years to come…looked very exciting!

  2. misty says:

    awww….these are so sweet and it looks like great fun. i do hope they come back so we get more pictures. 😉 how beautiful they are!

  3. mandy says:

    how ’bout saturday…. does that work for u ?

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