m is for Mirka Mora

this on my ipod before it froze completely and utterly…. grrrrrr

You know, some days I wish I was bad.

I wish I could ignore all the good manners and rules and etiquette that I know are right and wholesome and GOOD.

I wished, so badly yesterday, that I could snaffle my camera out of my bag and break ALL of the rules that govern correct behaviour in an art gallery. Those rules are there, I know, to protect the artist and his/her work. BUT, really, all I wanted was a little bit of a photo, just a small morsel of a corner of a painting, so that I could share with you the fact that for half an hour I stood, totally surrounded by Mirka….. and to make matters worse, I just tried to link to the gallery website, but they haven’t updated their current exhibition page….. so you’ll have to imagine! (or keep checking the gallery website for updated current exhibitions)

I would love to be able to “paint” a Mirka for you, to show you how absolutely exquisite her work is, and I’m afraid that my words may fail me…

Mirka’s work is beautifully childlike and naive. She paints with wild colour and paints lusciously, with thick, goopy oils (I know cos I stood close up, just breathing them in!). She almost always features girls, sometimes girls with wings, sometimes with antlers, most always with little sandals on their pointed feet. There are generally lovely, upstanding vines of green leaves, twisty, windy serpents and birds….. funny little birds, some with a magical ability to fly without wings. The current exhibition includes large canvasses, the largest 140 ish centimetres square, of 100% pure belgian linen and if you stand still, in the middle of the room, you can hear the tinkling laughter as the “family gathering in the dream park, 2008” and “our blue shoes, 2007” chatter and giggle amongst themselves, while the “smiling angel with birds in a tree, 2008” looks gently over us all.

Oh Mirka…. when my friend Emma (gallery curator alongside Mirka’s son, and gallery owner William) threatened to come and get you to meet me, I should have swallowed my nervousness and agreed that to meet you, surrounded as I was, by your world and those in it, would have completed my day perfectly…… maybe, next time, and I’ll bring the tea!


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2 Responses to m is for Mirka Mora

  1. india flint says:

    i’ve left you a wee present on my most recent blog-posting, if you’d care to wander over and take a look…

  2. ro bruhn says:

    I love her work too, she’s one of my favourites. I saw her on Andrew Denton’s show recently, she had paint on the trousers she was wearing and she was most embarrassed when Andrew pointed it out to her.

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