ouch…. permablitz….i can’t move!!!

i’m a bit broken today. just my back, oh and my legs, arms, feet, hands…..

you see, yesterday i went a-permablitzing!

my friend mandy and i spent a day in the sun, helping out with the dandenong arm of the Permablitz project. Permablitz??? It’s a similar concept to “backyard blitz” but uses Permaculture and organic principals to regenerate existing and establish new gardens, turning your backyard into an edible wonderland!

Kim and Paul were our illustrious leaders yesterday, guiding us gently along as we hauled stones and old plastic, mulch and woodchips, and dug countless holes for barerooted fruit trees kindly donated to the cause by those tree-wonders at Flemings. (perhaps i’m missing a career in advertising….)

so, enjoy some photos….. i don’t appear in any of the hard working ones because of course I was taking the photos, but believe me, my body is in enough pain today to tell me that I certainly did my share of hard labour and if you don’t believe me, pop over to the aforementioned Mandy’s website where I’m sure she will post the evidence!

try as i might, i can’t remember all the names of people who were involved yesterday so i apologise if i get anyone wrong!

lifting the stones at Beryl’s house in the morning

keyhole path – keyholes make maintaining and harvesting a large space easy. the newspaper provides great protection from weeds without totally depriving the soil of nutrients

Paul carefully placing the birdbath. the keyhole path now has been recovered with some of the stones that were removed previously

Kim demonstrating to the group how to successfully plant a bare rooted fruit tree…

…expertly assisted by Paul

planting the fruit tree which will provide summer shade to the north facing window. making sure to plant it at the correct depth

Beryl ( in purple), was very happy at the end of the afternoon. Her front garden is now planted out with numerous food plants – vegies and herbs and in a very short time, she’ll be harvesting.

twinkly mandy!

After lunch, the group split into two, some staying behind at Beryl’s to plant out the garden with herbs and vegies and the rest moving down the road a bit to the next house (oh I wish my memory was better…. i can’t remember the home owner’s name – I keep thinking Bill, but i’m not sure….)

This garden was larger than the first and required the establishment of two no-dig garden beds and holes dug for three fruit trees. It seems that I may have been too busy digging holes to take any before photos but you can see the results after only two hours of hard toil!

Bill(???) took a natural path from his back door to the clothes line so the two beds that we “built” ran alongside the path. Siting the beds along the path meant that he can easily check on the plants each time to goes to the clothes line. I especially love the “energy saving” principals of Permaculture…..

No dig garden beds are great as they can literally be placed ANYWHERE – I’ve seen someone even make one in a shopping trolley!!! First we laid wet newspaper, a bit of organic fertiliser (Blood and Bone or Dynamic Lifter) was scattered next, then a thick, thick layer of pea straw followed by a bit more fertiliser and topped off with a layer of mulch.

this is the second no dig bed all planted up, ready to grow!

Mandy and I spent most of our afternoon preparing the site for the fruit trees, a plum, a cherry and a peach.

mattock wielding Mandy!

the last of the fruit tree holes. this soil was heavy, heavy, black clay…. ouch!

three newly planted fruit trees surrounded by mulch and nasturtium’s and allysum….

…three o’clock delirium has well and truly set in!!!!

If you’re in Melbourne and are interested in community building and permaculture or even just regular gardening, check out the Permablitz website and jump on board. Yesterday was one of the most satisfying days I’ve had for a really long time.


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10 Responses to ouch…. permablitz….i can’t move!!!

  1. Kerry says:

    cool stuff – I am not a gardener but I admire those who are

  2. mandy says:

    Ahhhhh. Fancy a hot spring ?

  3. Jill says:

    Great – what a fab thing to do for folk – wonderful! I used to have an allotment til I moved- so I know well the pain of which you speak 🙂

  4. Heather Blakey says:

    What an absolutely fabulous project Samm.

  5. woodnymph says:

    Such great work. I can see though why your body is screaming at you today, It was obviously all so worth while though.


  6. nhnursery says:

    Very nicely done. In a few years there will be fruit to enjoy and share with all the workers.

  7. porchsitter says:

    I admire this project so much and your participation in it. Thanks for sharing all the information and links and the great photos. Feel better fast! 🙂

  8. misty says:

    this looks like a fun (hard) day of good work!
    i miss you both and would love to come on by to see everything you have been up to.
    love that photo of you two! xo

  9. murcha says:

    What a wonderful labour of love!! I am sure all who particpated and probably all those who watched, enjoyed it all. Hope it all grows quickly and well and that your tired bones and back are now recovered. There is nothing like fresh air and hard day of gardening to weary the limbs and bones. Great work.

  10. you are such a beautiful busy girl-singing and skipping love jo.

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