it rained yesterday.  and the wind blew.  you know those kind of raindrops that sound like they are full of ice – cold and heavy? yep, it was cold!

today though, is a different day.  its really lovely and sunny, cold, but sunny.  maybe i’ll be able to work without a scarf and gloves today….

aren’t these beautiful?  i gathered them way back in march when i was collecting leaves for wool dyeing.  somehow they’ve escaped the Miss Tilly’s curiousity and have dried off nicely, just right for display in my studio.  maybe i’ll try sketching them – good practice…… don’t hold your breath!

a sneak preview of the swap gift i made for one of the art sisters group….. it’s winging it’s way to Jacky now.

as you can see, it makes a lovely skirt too!

oh and here’s a belated image.  we went to the taping of Rockwiz last week.  Gary got a chance to try out as a competitor….

that’s him in the white shirt! unfortunately he didn’t make it through to the taping but as he says, at least he can now say he’s sung on the stage at the Gershwin Room!

happy days to all


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4 Responses to sunshine

  1. Jenni Jones says:

    HI, I just read back thru your blog and read about your Mum. You will know when the time is right to go thru the boxes. I still have stuff of my Dad’s tucked safely away, for over 6 years, waiting for me to have the strength to decide what I need to keep and what needs to go. It is mostly just papers and stuff, but it was important to him, so it needs to be given consideration. I also inherited one sixth of his massive coin collection (I am one of six), which is still in the box i packed it in when we sorted thru it all, and sitting in my wardrobe. I guess that is where it will stay until I am gone and then it will be divided into 3.
    Also, I just wanted you to know that I do read your blog.
    Have a great day, and try to keep warm. It is cold here in Sydney too.

  2. Megan says:

    The pod thing is such an amazing shape – it is reminding me of a molocule model, that must have been the only time I paid attention in science! Mx

  3. katie says:

    the collection is so exotic and will look so amazing in your studio – anywhere! and your button bracelet is beautiful. i have a big button collection and find it really hard to use the old buttons…i love to look at them 🙂

    thank you for the sweeter than sweet comment you left on my blog – YOU are one with hidden wings, missy, and i look forward to the day i can give you a great big ole hug!


  4. Jacky says:

    Samm my tassel arrived and it is truly beautiful. I just love the beautiful hand dyed wools and the wire work. Such a treasure…. thank-you!

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