glass half full


When one is faced with a financial situation that prevents you from even visiting your favourite cafe for a coffee (see where my priorities lie….) what do you do?


You plug in your ipod and go for it (warning – please click on the link forewarned that towards the end, the song contains much swearing!!!)

Who needs money anyway???


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6 Responses to glass half full

  1. Penny says:

    I think you need an etsy shop. You can either sell some of your lovely art, or some of that wool you have stashed behind it!!!!

  2. Jo Wholohan says:

    Awesome Samm, i love these :))

  3. ro bruhn says:

    Great faces Samm, love them all, the eyes definitely have it.

  4. enchantedcurious says:

    money shmunny…. these are infinitely more fun. and while we’re at it – the tea at your place is better than at any cafe i know.

  5. Megan P says:

    I like what you do when the finances are feeling stretched! Looks like you wouldn’t have had time for a coffee break anyhow!

  6. Bek Vavic says:

    Yeah, money is way over-rated.
    Especially when you are doing THIS gorgeous art instead!!
    Love this babes.

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