bits and pieces

ahhhh blessed procrastination!

I rose early (not unusual) to sit at the computer and finish a ridiculous job that I started for the shop which after much consultation with myself, is not only ridiculous but extremely time consuming and boring!!! HOWEVER….. I HAVE committed, and I HAVE learned (again) the lesson of thinking before saying “I can do it….” and so I type each and every single stock item in the shop into a database – SIGH!

ahhhh blessed procrastination (again)….. I came here to quickly tell you about a bit of fun that I happened upon this morning. If you visit here and follow the instructions, you’ll end up with something like this…..

I don’t usually do those things, but it was really fun seeing what images came up from my search prompts – some seemed quite weird for the word I entered, like the bottom left image for example – the prompt was ‘dog’!!!! oh well, fun anyway!

and another quick thing…..

pop over here if you feel like doing a workshop in the next couple of months! see you there? the kettle will be on and there’ll be a pile of yummy bikkies to share….


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2 Responses to bits and pieces

  1. mandy says:

    Theres actually a site that could have told me how to do it ?
    Curse you photoshop. I shall not be freetransforming again (unless I absolutely have to).

  2. Bek Vavic says:

    I wish I could come to your workshop 😦

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