many memories

how does one put in words such a strong emotion as love for a mother? especially when those feelings are now aged and tangled with loss and grief. memories and feelings get blurred and all the bad bits forgotten

words just don’t seem to do any justice and seem unreal and so, for that reason, today, on what would have been my mum’s 67th birthday I might just share some photos with you instead. happy birthday mum….. i hope the angels are putting on a rip roaring, smash up do just for you!

(that’s dad too)

I think this last photo requires a little explanation…. it’s a pretty special one to me. Taken at the end of a LONG evening, mum was about midway through her chemo treatment. I think she had 3 or 4 hats on to keep warm (no hair you know!!) The night was a birthday celebration for Gary, his mum (who was visiting from the UK) and me – in total our 131th birthday party! Mum had enjoyed a couple (???!?!!?!?!?) of chardonnays and was off to bed next door. Not long after she had fallen asleep, she was rudely awoken by her daughter (me) and Gary to make sure that she would be the first to know of their just decided upon engagement! She was suitably pleased despite being woken from a deep sleep! The night continued….


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3 Responses to many memories

  1. Penny says:

    Hi Samm,
    That photo of your Mum on the boat reminded me so much of you when we were at school.

    Your Mum was a wonderful lady.


  2. misty says:

    this is such a sweet post about your dear mom. i know you miss her so very much. thinking of you! xooxoxox

  3. my heart is beating for you-its sometimes hard to say words-but i can tell you loved and love your mum so much-jo.

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