last day of 35

35 has been great. I’ve loved every minute of it. Every minute, even the bad minutes cos we all know that life is not life unless there are bad bits. I have just learnt, another year on, to deal a little better with the bad bits and I hope I’ve grown from them.

On this last day of 35, I’ve got some more AMAZING Dromana autumn sunsets to share. Autumn is definately my favourite season. Living here on the Mornington Peninsula, a block from the bay, Autumn is so, so beautiful. The water is mirror calm, flat as glass and it’s at it’s best for dolphin visitors. As I stood and snapped away this evening, I hoped for a dolphin or two…. By the time I finish work and get down to the water to take photos though, they’ve generally done their rounds of the Bay and are gone, somewhere else for the night. Maybe tomorrow for my birthday and for the last autumn day for this year….

I love incorporating the pier into my photos – it gives great line!!! Just ask Gary…. Gary’s my husband!! Three of his pier photos adorne the walls of the Two Buoys cafe in Dromana (if they had a website, I’d link it…. fantastic fare!)

And then there’s the artwork…..

Practising faces has become a thing for me since I did Misty’s self portrait class at the retreat. In the past I have tried so hard to make my faces a picture perfect, mirror image of, …well…., me I spose, or of the photo that I’m looking at in a magazine. But, last night, with gessoed calico taped to the table, I pulled out a 2b pencil and drew a couple of lines. There was a photo up on the wall in the living area near where I was sitting (at our poor, long suffering dining room table – who needs space to eat anyway????) that I referred to for face shape etc but, not once did I get up and study it intensely. This face had a life of its own, and it really just came out of nowhere! She’s not a mirror image of anyone I know (thank goodness cos really, I’d be concerned!!! She has terrible skin problems, she should book in to see a dermatologist…..) and I think she may have had a broken nose somewhere along the way….. BUT she’s mine!! She has a personality and I’m happy with her! That’s what counts!

And the following is the textile piece I referred to in yesterdays post. When I look at it closely, there are definate elements of Misty and Traci in it. I feel “informed” by them but again, I’m happy to call it my own piece of work (which still remains unfinished of course!!).

A bit of stitchery and the “just right” binding, a couple of dangly bits and that should just about do it I’d say! What do you think?


ps I’ve posted lots of photos today. I felt it was okay to do so cos beautiful Katie did it yesterday! If you haven’t gone already, go visit her blog and tell her which is your favourite zoo shot. I can’t quite decide which one mine is – its a toss up between the “pussy cat” paw and the giraffes…..

pps another tripper tune for mandy….

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7 Responses to last day of 35

  1. Karin H says:

    I think I live on the wrong side of the Peninsula. Sunset behind giant pines just doesn’t have the romance that sunset on water does. You lucky thing, you.

  2. Karin H says:

    Darn it – I meant to say Happy Birthday for tomorrow! A week and 2 days (and a few years) younger than me! *G*

  3. misty says:

    35 down 70 to go. šŸ˜‰ maybe when we both turn 100 we should get together for a walk on that amazing beach you keep showing… plan?!
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y To YOU! Happy birthday dearest Samm, Happy Birthday to you…. how i wish i could be there with you now, to make you a cake and bring you flowers. I hope it’s a perfect day in celebration of YOU! I will be thinking of you with a happy heart knowing you are alive and well.
    and the painting…yay! i am so proud…it is your own work and beautiful!

  4. misty says:


  5. bectanya says:

    I love your art darling, it’s gorgeous.
    Happy Happy Birthday for Saturday {today} I hope you have a glorious beautiful day.
    Much love and hugs

  6. mandy says:

    And one for you……

    oh how did Misty make hers active ?
    Chocolate ripple cake anyone ?

  7. katie says:

    well happy HaPpY HAPPPPY birthday dear samm!! 35…what a babe you are, so many beautiful years ahead of you. those beach shots are just exquisite, what a glorious place you live…
    a toast to you – cheers (clink)!

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