and the prize for best sunset goes to…..

I just love the autumn sunsets….. I know I’ve said it all before and I’m sure it gets boring BUT seriously, how good are they???  And….. autumn is nearly over so I may as well make the most…..

Looking out across Port Phillip Bay to Geelong from Dromana Pier – aren’t the colours SPECTACULAR??  Who needs a television?

I’ve been busy at work today, unpacking boxes of goodies and sorting beautiful buttons that we’ve just received on consignment…. old fashioned, big buttons, still attached to the cards.  I answered a million and one phone calls and helped nearly as many customers with their art related questions (as this is my blog, I am allowed to use artistic license and exaggeration you know!!), I fixed up messy systems (phew, the contents of the green workshop folder no longer fall on the floor when you pick it up) and I bound up some workshop samples for an upcoming workshop of mine.  I was busy!  My point here is that I was so busy that I didn’t have time to even think about the piece of gessoed fabric that was sitting here at home, taking its precious time to dry….. I didn’t have time to think about how impatient I am and wonder how I could get around the two day wait for the gesso texture to dry sufficiently so that I can set to with paint and scraper, with image and gel medium to create another sample for my decorative papers and fabrics workshop in June.  NO, not a moment to think about it……  You too will have to wait for it to dry, for me to finish it, to photograph it and then to post it here on my blog!!! Patient? NO WAY!  I’m going to play NOW!

Some music while you wait……


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2 Responses to and the prize for best sunset goes to…..

  1. misty says:

    wait? what? patient? but i want to see it nowwww. 😉

    good god your photos are beyond gorgeous on here…in person they must just about knock you down from so much beauty….sighhhhh. thank you for sharing them and the music link…i love it. hey, i was wondering can you play a cd from here and it work without any issues if I made a mix for you?
    missing you so much. xoxoxoox

    it’s so good to hear your voice with your words now.

  2. Little old me says:

    nice photos I love a good sunset.

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