some journal pages

I can’t lay claim to the beautiful art work on the left hand side page – it’s a piece that Misty gave us all as a little gift in our self portrait class at the retreat.  that, and a pile of yummy chocolates!!!

the gang in funny hats on “pig nose” beach…. oh happy days!

my inner child escaped last night, got hold of a pile of gel pens and went a bit crazy!

I love this cover the most…. loads of colour that i normally don’t use and heaps of gesso texture to play with…


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6 Responses to some journal pages

  1. Jill says:

    Wonderful journal pages – the cover is absolutely gorgeous too.

  2. woodnymph says:

    So wonderfully colourful.


  3. misty says:

    oh how i miss you… the photo of us with the hats is so great, i love it! beautiful pages…more, more, more. xooxoxo

  4. katie says:

    juicy pages samm, lovin your journal. and those hats on the four of you – now you gals had some major fun, i can only imagine. oz sounds like paradise, samm, i hope to be lucky enough to visit it and you one day.

  5. Jo Wholohan says:

    Awwwsome Samm, love this idea!!!

  6. ro bruhn says:

    I love your journal pages Samm and the hats are wonderful. I want one like Misty’s.

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