i think i’d call it colour therapy!

i’m deliberately avoiding writing a blow by blow description of the retreat. i find that when i blog things, my real world journal misses out and i really want a touchy feely paper version of my first retreat experience…. also there are many out there who have already blogged their experiences, experiences which were very similar to mine…. i promise that i’ll post pages of my journal once they are completed – you’ll just have to be patient!

on thursday, in an attempt to “wake up” from this retreat hangover that i have only just (friday) woken up from, i spent a day channelling Traci Bautista. Traci was a tutor at the retreat, unfortunately i didn’t do her class, for no reason other than I really didn’t know her stuff before hand. So when I saw the amazing, colourful journal my dear friend mandy came home with after her saturday class, i got inspired and I set up a table of bright potions and got to work……

colour really does have a healing affect and my pages for the touchy feely paper journal of events is slowly and very colourfully taking shape. it is really nice to throw caution to the wind, toss out all thought of your comfort palette and try something new. we spent some lovely times with all the girls, Nina, Misty, Traci and Ro, so how could i not include Traci in my journal in some loud and visible way!

I wrecked this page…. i wiped it with a beautiful mix of colour so the doodles showed through perfectly. then i added gesso and the whole lot disappeared! oh well, after a bit of sandpapering some of the doodles showed through again and i’ve torn them to size and redoodled so they are ready for my journal – nothing is ever truly lost!

heres my little copper book that I made in Nina’s friday class.

play on words DEFINATELY intended….

many of you may know, and if you think hard about my blog title, you’ll soon gather that I have a fair bit of STUFF…. when it came time to pack things for the retreat, and Nina’s class on friday, i had a bit of trouble trying to limit the treasures that I would bring for this book.

“bring treasures to fit into your matchboxes” she said…. just how many pages could i do in one day i thought!!!

i rifled through a tin and found a box of buttons… I tipped them out into my hand and to my delight, found a handful of white and cream coloured buttons with ONE red button amongst them….

my sewing paraphernalia little copper book took shape….

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4 Responses to i think i’d call it colour therapy!

  1. Jo Wholohan says:

    Hi Samm!!!
    Your book is looking awesome!!!! So glad to catch up with you at the reatreat

    xx Jo W

  2. Mandy says:

    GET OUT OF HERE. Wow. Traci would be verrrrry happy.
    gorgeous miss…..did i say wow ?

  3. ro bruhn says:

    These are fabulous Samm, you would have loved Traci’s class, very full on. I like the wee book you made in Nina’s class too.

  4. Bek Vavic says:

    Sweets, you know I loved your wee album, simply gorgeous!

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