just breathe…

words are a little hard to put together at this point…. I am just writing a brief sentence or two at this stage while I wait for my photos to print.

the weekend was the first time I have experienced an artists retreat, the intensity of spending one day after another, after another, totally immersed in the practice of art and surrounded by like minded souls. its an experience I’ll NEVER forget and am still trying to recover from.

I spent the first hours of monday at my day job, staring at the wall, wondering which way was up and today, wednesday already and I’m just starting to get feeling back!

i’ve finished my “little book of wee” – a teeny copper covered book taught in a class led by Nina – and i am just a little emotional about it….

my self portrait that I did in Misty’s class is finished…. what will I do with it?

my stone soup never happened but that’s another story – I’m saving it for my personal journal – which is where I’m off to now…. i’m hoping that by producing a journal of the weekends activities, I may be able to make some sort of sense of it all. Lets hope so anyway.

Before I go though…. I just wanted to say that amongst it all, the true friends that I made this weekend will be true friends for all of my life.

thank you, you know who you are xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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4 Responses to just breathe…

  1. ro bruhn says:

    Hi Samm
    I know just how you’re feeling. It’s like the build up takes months and it’s all over in a few days, and we’re left in a daze. It was great to meet up with you and Mandy. I didn’t even get a chance to say good bye to either of you. I hope to catch up soon

  2. daggygee says:

    It was lovely to have you back home with all your new experiences flowing from you-raging torrents of inspiration…

  3. misty says:

    …i too am at such a loss for the right words, i think that is what happens after having the best of times with those you love! and it was just that! i am missing everyone so very much.
    please come visit and bring Mandy with you…. 😉 we can take a road trip to NC and catch up on everything while we share days, nights, and oh so much more…. i am going to make pavlova for the first time tomorrow and hope that by the time you get here it will be pefect. 😉
    i adore you so very much! thank you for everything you kind & lovely soul…you radiate! i love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooo

  4. Jacky says:

    We too are back at work in the shop, but as stock is still in transit we are taking the opportunity to finish off projects we did as well. The book of Trees we did in Dwellingup that I was not able to finish in the day before we headed for Melbourne. Half done Misty paintings. I feel I need to work on these projects to re inforce what we learned from the amazing tutors before other things take over. I hope you will put your finished work on your blog for us to enjoy as well. I will be uploading photo’s of the retreat when I get a moment.
    go forward creatively

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