letting go

There have been some pretty spectacular paintings in the sky of late. Mother Nature has been busy. It’s autumn here and the colours of the setting sun reflect perfectly the autumnal leaves of the surrounding grape vines and deciduous trees as they gradually shed their clothes for winter (surely they should be rugging up???).

I’ve only posted the last stanza but if you click on it, it will take you to Misty’s post and the full poem by Tony Hoagland. I loved that thought, of Nature producing something of such beauty and throwing it away. And the lesson of letting go of material things is one that I have been listening to for a good while now – perhaps it’s time to try to act upon it a bit more regularly.

sunset on may 3rd at Mornington

photos in no particular order

It’s a hard lesson for some of us though. How do you successfully break the emotional tie that lies with possessions? How do you trust that without those “things”, the memories will still stay strong and that you won’t be struck down from above for donating “great auntie joan’s” favourite handkerchief collection?

I am ready to let go of many things and am aware that each little action is a small step towards a much liberated self and have made many of those little steps already. When I think it’s time again, I find myself just shifting things around, physically and within my thoughts, and that’s really exhausting.

I had another gentle prod of a reminder again last night. We flicked channels to find Yoda telling Anakin to let go of the material things, to not get tied to the emotional side of things as they will just lead to the dark side….. well we all know what happened there don’t we?!! As an aside, I really think Yoda is one of my favourite Buddists!

Happy sunsets to you all, only 10 more till I meet Misty and Nina and I can’t tell you how excited I am!!!


ps check the new shop blog i’ve been working on.

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