what next?

I’m working on a combination of mixed media techniques in the hopes that I may develop a unique something that I can teach. My goal with my art is to become a Misty, or a Nina or a lovely Katie. Well not them exactly, I know that I need to be a ME – but I want to teach my own techniques and not just here but here and here and here too! The idea of being involved in such an amazing community of teaching artists is what I dream of – constantly….. it drives me to keep learning and pushing and extending myself as an artist.

So here’s where I’m at this morning. I’ve dreamt up the next stage but i thought I’d post a picture of what’s in front of me right now.

Its a background derived from a combination of techniques that I have learnt from others along the way and I think that the uniqueness comes from the actual combination. I love the way the gates are being swallowed by the wall. As I said, not finished, nowhere near finished, but a project that I am proud of and can’t wait to see unfolded as a final piece.

Happy discovering….


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