wood smoke, wet wool, mad family, trees and puppydogs tails

you know, sometimes it’s just easier to post the photos….




A new addiction – just what I need! Beautiful eucalyptus dye baths, filling the chilled autumn air with the seductive scent of woodsmoke and eucalyptus oil. And the colours…. my goodness, the colours. Such variety in one single dyebath. This is Australia folks!





Half of one day’s dyeing – there’s been three more since…. more than enough to finish the scarf below.


Bad lighting and therefore a shaky image does nothing to the amazing colours of the wools. It really is so luscious! Toffee and cream, sage and chocolate, rusty warm fuzzy wools combined magically with two sticks to form a piece of wearable art fit for a queen…. who will that queen be I wonder?


Music to dye for…..



William Ricketts at Seawinds on the Mornington Peninsula.

Tilly is doing okay since we lost our beautiful Dave the Golden Retriever 8 weeks ago. She’s stepped up and is now enjoying her role as Princess of the family (she always was, just hasn’t got another 4 legged friend to remind of the fact anymore… )


Three photos below are the beginnings of tree bark inspiration for a textile piece entitled “matern-i-tree”





And a captured moment of madness at the Red Hill Cool Climate dinner way back in early March.

Revellers from left to right, me, Julia, Stu, Gary and Marty….



xoxo much love

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2 Responses to wood smoke, wet wool, mad family, trees and puppydogs tails

  1. india flint says:

    lovely dyepix…and that’s a nice pic of a parmelia lichen, too.


  2. we always keep track of our family tree because it is exciting to know the family tree “”‘

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