its been a while…

I am embarressed to admit that I forgot my login and password it’s been so long since I last posted a msg…!!!

I just wanted to post a picture that I worked on this morning.  It’s only small in real life (where I’ve been hanging of late!),  it’s on a page of my workhorse journal which in this guise is a trusty moleskine notebook.  Christine Cox, of Volcano Arts recommends a workhorse journal for my “type” of person – one who hoards and can’t decide on that “perfect” book/diary/journal/notepad/calender.  I was going to bind my own, but that process was taking too long in itself (what paper? what cover? what size? – you get the picture) so for now, I resorted to a Moleskine!  If Leonardo was happy then why not me??  And so far it’s been great.  I can jump from page to page with the use of my post-it tag thingies, each colour tells me exactly what’s on what page, and today I’ve been storming ahead, doing a bit of interior decorating!!! The muse was firing!


I got all inspired by this really exciting website  and by a lovely piece by one of my favourites, Gustav Klimt. 

I’m loving my journal so thank you Christine!  I’m only 2 weeks in and already it looks like the dogs breakfast – just the way I like it!

Be good



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3 Responses to its been a while…

  1. lisa says:

    Hi. I saw you at Suziblu’s and I’m so glad I did. This is just beautiful and I’m enjoying catching up on the rest of your blog and artwork. You’re really talented. I’m going to link to you from my own blog. 🙂

  2. Jenni Jones says:

    Hi Samm,
    I found you from suziblues blog. I love your work! I am adding you to my favorites list and will be popping in all the time to see whats new.

  3. I really like this image.
    Aren’t the Moleskine books wonderful? I like the feel of the paper, especially when using a drawing pen.
    I’ve enjoyed looking through a number of your posts today. Thanks for sharing what you are doing.

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