wintery sun

it’s been such a lovely, sunny winters day today.  the weak, watery rays did their best to warm the earth that is still wet, deeply wet by the oh so needed rain we finally felt way back in July.  i’ve really loved winter this year.  i’ve loved the cold and the rain.  i’ve found myself dreaming about living somewhere snowy, just to see!  but today the sky was clear for a short time.  time enough to get the dogs out for a run along the sand, a swim in the water – they were so excited to be out.  i’m suffering now though – dave the golden retreiver is still damp – 4 hours later and he’s taken on that revolting briny scent of the sea…. nice!


spring is just around the corner, i can feel it.


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One Response to wintery sun

  1. Fran says:

    My dear, I hope for you one day you’ll see the snow and that, believe me, should be enough! She-who-gave-that-up, Fran

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