patience, Grasshopper

this new direction my art has taken me in is teaching me a few valuable lessons.  usually, if something takes too long, the wind changes direction and along with it goes my idea. 

this feels different though. 

 i am learning to be patient, afterall, “good things happen to those who wait”….. don’t they???  i am forcing myself to be original.  i am slowly becoming aware of the media that i SHOULD be using.  all valuable lessons i would think?

 i’m creating some jewellery pieces to raise money for sean and the thin green line.  i’ve chucked my paintbrush way, way across the room in disgust, i am “listening” to the skills in embroidery i seem to have inherited from both grandmothers (both sides of the family) and am bringing my age old desire to “tinker” to the equation.  i’m remembering my conservation and land management training and blending it with my love for wildlife and all things green and growing.

here’s a sneak preview…


lets see what happens….


and all the while a dream slowly creeps closer and closer to becoming reality…. ahh those mountains!!! those tall, beautiful trees….

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9 Responses to patience, Grasshopper

  1. Very cool Samantha! I can also see thes eon cd badges.

  2. Bo says:

    So sweet. It’s a precious little panda bear. Very creative work, too. You are sooo good.

  3. shewolfy728 says:

    He’s lovely, Samm! Pandas are the perfect sort of creature to be found on the Serpentine Road.

  4. Vi says:

    Oh, he is so adorable… I just want to cuddle him.

  5. marimann says:

    I have that problem, too, about what media I “should” be using…it sounds as if you have put together solutions that combine your desires and your talents. Three cheers for you, Samm!

  6. This really is just so gorgeous Samm. Like Vi I could give this Panda a lovely big cuddle.

    As for all the media – choose the things you feel most comfortable working with and focus on developing these skills. It is not productive to flitter from one new thing to another.

  7. imogen88 says:

    Beautiful, Samm. Good to see this kind of work around again.

  8. jimbo(dad) says:

    so who has got a new toy then????

  9. katie says:

    beautiful stitchery, what fun.
    yes, dreams take likes of patience and planning and persevance, and occastionally riding the waves and having some fat fun. wishing you all you need to make your dreams become reality….
    xo katie

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