gypsy wanderings…

I wish I could claim an actual “gypsy” descendancy.  It would at least explain why I am quite content to wander and never fully settle.  

I’ve felt the gypsy in me calling very loudly recently, so today we went searching for somewhere new to call home….


its the tall trees and mountains that call the loudest…



 from every angle, there’s a mountain rising above the horizon


and here the curves of natural stone reflect beautifully in the water 


while the sun warms the surfaces.

See if you can guess where we were.

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One Response to gypsy wanderings…

  1. Karin says:

    Hi Samm!
    You were up at Yarra Glen? At that art gallery place, I think. It is lovely up there with the hills all round.
    I like your blog and the lovely photos you put here. I’ve also been exploring all your links and getting artistically inspired. Thanks!

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