the thin green line

Last night, in around 50 different countries around the world, a really important documentary premiered. 

Everyday, in hundreds of locations worldwide, Park Rangers, Park Wardens, Wildlife Officers – whatever you call them in your part of this amazing world, risk their lives for their passion.  For their jobs.

The Thin Green Line is a documentary.  It’s the story of Park Rangers and their daily job.  Their REALLY  important daily job – protecting our planet so that our future generations will have a planet to live on. 

I have to be honest…. sure, I’ve thought about Rangers working in African parks and they certainly make me think of poachers and the ivory trade and the danger that these guys are in on a regular basis, but I haven’t thought about Rangers in India defending and protecting the forests from desperate machette weilding subsistance families gathering wood for their cooking fires, Rangers in the Galapagos protecting marine life from illegal fishing pursuits, Rangers in avalanche-prone areas of Canada risking their lives against nature.  These guys are AMAZING.  

Sean’s documentary is just the start.  I have a feeling this guy is going somewhere and is going to be making a really loud noise while going!  Please check out The Thin Green Line website.  Sean has developed The Thin Green Line foundation which raises money for families who have lost Ranger family members at the “frontline”.  These families are socially unsupported so the Foundation is a fantastic cause.  This is a really important thing to be aware of.

Below, is a happy snap of Ranger Sean.  He has fast become my hero.  To meet Sean is a blessing.  He is a teddy bear with the most incredible passion.  I just want to hug him everytime I see him!!! (The poor guy….)



As Sean would say “GET INSPIRED”….


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2 Responses to the thin green line

  1. soulsister says:

    You are right of course. It is about time we recognised the part these guys are playing in helping to conserve our one precious world!

  2. She Wolf says:

    I’ll have to catch that one – it sounds fascinating. Those guys do a wonderful job. Our next door neighbor is a Game and Fish officer, and I think they should be included, too.

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