another monday

it was the rhythmic drip drop of rain that woke me this morning.  not your usual constant “falling with a rush” type rain, more a methodical plop… plop… of big round drops as they fell slowly from the sky, landing on the rubber plant outside our window. they were loud drops too, loud enough to wake me anyway.  they fell and left me with great inspiration, a photographers dream and in the quick few minutes i’ve had between customers, unpacking orders and phonecalls, i’ve had a play with photoshop….


i think the results are quite reptilian…

my drive to work is very short – in fact i REALLY should walk, but i come to work armed with enough baggage to last me a lifetime of play so it’s hard to carry.  needless to say, i drive!!!!  i passed the garden with the red hot pokers that i’ve passed a million times before but today i stopped and took a photo.  they have been in flower for what seems months now and each time i pass, i think to myself “stop or they’ll be gone”, so i did.


and after photoshop play….


i’m working on some things!  i’m trying to find more out about my “art voice”.  i spent a lovely afternoon with Mandy yesterday.  we went to the derinya primary school art show.  there, i was introduced to the amazing art of Stuart Westle.  there’s more here.  oh, if anybody would like to give me some of his work….. feel absolutely free!!! i could have stayed for hours just looking at his paintings.  i think they are stunning. 

then we went to Manyung Gallery in mt eliza.  Marty was playing there in the afternoon.  at manyung, i discovered Rebecca Cool, here and here.  check her out…. while you’re checking her work, check some of the others there at manyung, there’s some talent i tell you!   mandy and i ensured that we would receive an invitation to her opening in september!! 

so what does one do with all this inspiration?  i find it soooooo hard to keep check of it.  i  find it frustrating to record it all in a journal because i can’t translate my thoughts and ideas into sketch, and once again, i think that this is where a blog is great.  i have a million and one little ideas floating through my head at one time, often they get forgotten because i just can’t get them out there or i think of a new thing and “poof” out goes the old one!  tell me, what do YOU do to keep hold of all the creative ideas that happen on a daily basis?


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10 Responses to another monday

  1. Lori says:

    The possibilities with Photoshop are seemingly endless!

  2. pangolin says:

    fab pics darlin. just been checking out rebeccas work too.
    I WANT ONE ( or two)….
    time is my nemesis

  3. soulsister says:

    What amazing photos and photo play….oh if only I could…..!!! As for what to do with all the creaitive inspiration — make note of it and file it away in a sketchbook for a rainy day!!!!:)

  4. cronelogical says:

    Such color, and, may I say I do like your easy daily thoughts, you page coming alive. Fran

  5. She Wolf says:

    Samm, I love the photos! (isn’t it fun to play with photoshop?) And thanks for the links – what wonderful artwork!

  6. Vi says:

    Your pictures, Samm, are gorgeous. I’m working hard to master Photoshop… I have Elements Version five. It’s not easy but I’m getting there. My computer is slowly dying og old age and I’m having a new one built for my needs… super fast and with loads of memory for my pictures.

  7. marimann says:

    Beautiful pictures, Samm, thanks for sharing. It’s raining here this morning too (NC in USA) which is great for day-dreaming. As for your question, I’m a list-maker so I’m always adding ideas to my lists and then try to sketch or paint them later…..

  8. imogen88 says:

    Hooray for rain. Looks like you have had some fun, Samm.

  9. katie says:

    beautiful photographs, samm. i have the same issue; too many ideas floating in my head at one time. i can’t even get them written down sometimes before, poof, they’re gone. and it seems i have my very best ideas while driving or in that place between awake and asleep…

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