saturday ponderings

I sit here this morning, as I do often, after a lovely warming bowl of porridge and a steamy hot cup of dandelion tea, trying to remember the thirty million things that I promised myself I’d do before the new week starts again.  This morning I woke, I had a plan of action.  Get up, shower, brekky and tea, clear the dining room table so I can start something new….. now what was that something new?  Was is another ATC for the raven swap?  A gypsy page for the Gypsy Journey swap?  A new doll?  Package up some of my “colour therapy” packs? or my “altered book” kits for my new etsy shop (details will all be revealed soon).  Make up a handbag for my friend Sarah? Type up the workshop signup lists for the next series of Papermakers workshops? Play a bit with my current altered book?  clean up a bit more of my studio space? rethread my whale tail pendant? play with some polymer clay and bake it in my new toaster oven?  design my new business card and packaging artwork? design the promised photography artwork for Amanda?

Sensing the problem?  Overload and too many ideas….. it’s so much easier to just relax for a bit, check up on my favourite blogs and have another cuppa….  Just give me another minute or two.

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