today, three years ago

I dreamt so heavily last night.  I have memories of at least three different dreams and in one of them I sobbed and sobbed.  I felt like I was being left behind by someone, and in another dream, by time. 

Today when I woke, on this, my third wedding anniversary, I felt sad, I felt pressured and I felt heavy.

I haven’t really thought about my dreams today.  Normally I would try and work them out, but today, until now, I haven’t.

What is a dream exactly?  I have had experiences when dreams have actually alerted me to real life happenings – reminders to ring friends or family.  I have had life changing dreams, dreams with such clear messages that it was impossible to not understand them.  Dreams that made me laugh, funny, mixed up, crazy dreams that mean nothing and horrible “fever” dreams that make no sense at all.  I sleep with a dream dictionary beside me and if something bothers me I look it up.  Sometimes I hear the message and sometimes I choose not to.  This morning was different.  It might take some time.  

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2 Responses to today, three years ago

  1. apsinthium says:

    Dreams can be very powerful, and thus emotionally draining at times. I’m no dream expert, but I do know that whenever I’ve pondered on one for too long I’ve lost sight of it. I think you should just distance yourself from it a bit and wait for the answer to come to you. X

  2. Judy Wise says:

    When I wake up from a powerful dream I record it as soon as possible in my journal. The meaning is often obsure until weeks later when I reread the dream from a place of not remembering it. Then the meaning comes to me clearly. I have done this many times. Maybe it will work for you.

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