a gathering of the clan OR all in the name of an upcoming election

Yes, I know.  It’s a cynical title for a post.  I personally prefer to pretend that it was all about honouring a man who deserved the honour but the presence of much media and a couple of prominant politicians and especially the one who would like to be PM, makes me think otherwise.  That being said, and I choose to leave my political persuasion out of this discussion and concentrate purely on family, it was quite a fun day.

A handful of the clan gathered this afternoon at 3pm.  There were no bagpipes, no whiskey and no scottish accents but many versions of the clan tartan and some very proud people. 


Heather Henderson (daughter of Sir Robert Menzies) does the honours


Uncle Bob, as we all called him, spent much of his time in the City of Booroondara.  Many family members lived in the area (and still do) and much of his political life was served within the Booroondara electorates.  Apart from being remembered as Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, Uncle Bob or Sir Robert Menzies, is remembered by many, especially family, with much fondness.

I remember sitting on his knee and having a good old chat to him as a young child, when by then he had been retired for around ten years.  I was proud to have a famous relative, and still am.  I am proud of my surname.

Unfortunately, I have tried unsuccessfully to load all the photos I took on sunday so instead, click on this link for the photos on my Flickr account.  Please excuse the somewhat SHOCKING quality of the photos….

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One Response to a gathering of the clan OR all in the name of an upcoming election

  1. Lori says:

    Thank you for sharing this. You and your family should be very proud.

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