me, the dog and the donkey

Firstly, thank you all for your many and supportive words concerning my last post.  It was a yucky time and brought up a whole lot of stuff that I mainly choose to leave behind.  So thank you.  As a postscript to the last post, my friend has spent the last week deep in the bowels of Frankston Hospital, surrendering to one test after another and when we spoke this morning, I could hear the returned strength in her voice.  I love to hear her voice.  Admittedly, during this week of tests she had discovered that our favourite “other” fine arts supplier has just taken possession of the nearly full range of Golden products and she had rushed to spend as much money as she could safely hide on various bits and pieces…. needless to say, I feel most comforted to know that I can get that Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold that Misty speaks of and that I have been craving for months….. oh, and it appears that there is very little spread, if any of that nasty nasty thing we all know and don’t love or embrace…. phew.

and so to the donkey…. I’m back on track with SFC.  There is so much excitement amongst us Ravens as we set off on an exploratory journey down the Serpentine Road.  As soon as the creative catalogue opens to viewers I will provide the link, but for now you will have to make do with my jottings as they progress.  This creative journey feels good.  I have attempted to blog with the Soul Food community before and for one reason or another, I have bowed out before the journey ended.  I have always kept in touch with Heather though, and am really excited about being a contributor once again.   I’ve been working on my mode of transport for this journey and although this post is not quite finished, you can have a sneak preview of Daniel the Donkey and his mates at the Clovelly Donkey co-op!  And here’s why I chose Daniel to take me along the road.

Today, as I can feel the last of this horrible cold disappearing, I am planning to continue sorting my studio space which heaven knows needs the sorting! 

work-table-3.jpg  take-a-deep-breath.jpg  work-table-1.jpg

Go on, go ahead and click on the thumbnails to really see how much (insert that word again!) I have collected and inherited in my short 35 years of life…. it’s quite shocking really!

I started the day before yesterday, it was slow going, partly because I had no energy and partly because of the sheer density of (insert favourite word for stuff here) , or maybe here.  I’m not sure I’m quite this bad just yet, or even this bad but it’s no coincidence that my blog name, and business name is as it is…. and we do inherit these traits!  I will admit though that the work of Joseph Cornell intrigues me and one day all my “hoardings” may just turn into a world famous assemblage!!!   oooo, look here…..  look at what I found at a garage sale the other day…..


(I digress…) 

As the days have passed, I have sifted and sorted and moved and grooved and now I have all the storage space I’m going to get for the time being and although things are still a little higgeldy piggeldy, I feel happier and feel that I have progressed somewhat!


If you look closely at the jars on the top shelf, you’ll see buttons all sorted into colour order (i’m sure there’s a medical term to describe this condition but I shrug and sneer and challenge – I DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION!!!)  btw, there are many more buttons to be sorted….



and the two sideboards that will hold my nicely sorted stuff…  i love looking at these photos… i can spy some of my favourite things – 84 caran d’ache neocolour II’s (yum), my favourite ever photo of my mantel piece in my Fremantle bedroom, my box collage of a fun photo of mum when she was about three or four, my “orange” piece that i still haven’t finished (must get around to that some day!) and that funny old photo on the top of the white sideboard of the lady and her headless husband.  I wonder what happened there???



Here’s my what-not.  I started calling it a what-not when I found an old photo of a recently married mum and dad beside their new what-not hanging on the wall, empty but definately filling a space on the wall.

The what-not holds empty jars and bottles, tins and trophies, all waiting to be transformed into pieces of artwork.


The old Singer treadle machine.  I would love to get it working again but for now, it’s another place to put things.  And there’s Blanche, the gorgeous antique wooden hat block, inherited from mum, from her mum and handed down with threats to life and limb should anything ever happen to it. 

And finally, my shrine to creativity.


This shelf sits atop my new workspace and holds my most favourite of my favourite books.  All my brushes and pens and pencils will live here within arms reach.  And yes, that is a print of a Misty Mawn piece, sent to me with love from Misty herself.  She looks over me and inspires me to keep creating.



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4 Responses to me, the dog and the donkey

  1. pangolin says:

    i love this post.
    you know that thing that Gaz did a while ago with the names of people and songs and things … did i tell you that you were my “lucky star”.
    he he
    my inspiration too

  2. traveller says:

    Samm, I thought I was a hoarder’s daughter but my hoard pales in comparison with yours. Will try and post a pic of my room on my own blog. So glad to know I am not the only with an inability to throw things out. I also have an old Singer treadle machine!

  3. djdaggygee says:

    When you look at that room…..well I just cannot believe you managed to fit everything in…You are an inspiration!

  4. jimbo(dad) says:

    Love the old white sideboard! Looks very well made????

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