while i’m here

i think it’s funny, that i sit down to do just a quick check of my email and 5 hours later, i’m still here.  i try so hard to be efficient when i log on but man, there’s a whole lot of very cool and exciting stuff out there.

so today, while i’m still feeling a bit crap and have the day off work to recover and therefore have the time to just be “sitting” (remind me to tell you how good at looking after me my husband is…), i have been reloading my music library on itunes.  while waiting for each cd to import, i have been doing what should have been done days ago.  i’m reaquainting myself with all the amazing women on heather’s soul food cafe.  i’m just going to direct you to a few of the things i’ve seen on todays travels. 

first stop was lori whose digital art is pretty amazing, next stop anita marie who specializes in all things chilling and wierd!

I visited Anahata’s website today too which I haven’t done for some time.  I adore all her artwork and was excited to see that she has just done some really great workshops recently.  Must keep an eyeout for any upcoming ones to add to my wishlist (!!!).  

i often check out Inspire me Thursday and have often posted the results of my inspiration, this weeks non visual inspiration is a lovely theme.  smells, sounds, tastes, touches…. yum, they all conjure up a myriad of images.

 so, off i go, to be inspired further and to create…. something!



you forgot to remind me to tell you about gary and his caring thoughts….

so, he went off to the supermarket this morning to get me everything i thought i might need for the day, you know, lemonade and all the important sore throat / cold stuff.  while we sat and ate our yummy fat cafe style raisin toast when he got back, he said “can you taste chocolate?”.  I could indeed.  Have you ever heard of anything so sublime?  Chocolate raisin bread.  Bought by accident, he assures me.  “he” being the BIGGEST chocolate freak i have ever met in my entire life….

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