a bit of respect

today i learnt a quiet lesson.  as i listened to my desperate friend on the phone, i heard her speak of conflict, of family confusion and fear.   and of others perceptions of what is right for her.

i try so hard to live my life with respect for others.  i make it a daily practice to think before i speak and definately before i act.  sometimes it’s really hard to do, but most times it’s easy because i think about how i would feel if what i am doing or saying was being said or done to me.

today as i listened, and tried really hard to be a friend, it was clear to me that there are so few people who are truly respectful of others.  our own experience of life is our own experience.  some experiences are definately worth sharing and helping others with but when our experiences intrude on others, they cease to be helpful.

please think of others.  please think about what you say and do and what impact your actions and words may have on someone else’s life.

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4 Responses to a bit of respect

  1. marimann says:

    I like what you have to say here, sammian. I think respect is a concept that has gone somewhat “out of style” today, both respecting others and earning respect for yourself.

  2. jan says:

    I’m dreadful with regard to not thinking before I speak – always got to make a joke or a quip, always assume they know I’m kidding around. Reading this has really made me think about that.
    Welcome aboard; you’re going to love it here.

  3. imogen88 says:

    Agree with this totally. Well said. I love the higher quality of being respectful.

  4. Vi says:

    So much truth, Sammian, in your words. The majority of people these days are so self centered and thoughtless. I try to think before I speak though I’m sure there are times when I have slipped up.

    I’m so pleased that you’re here with us.

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