my spirit


A slumber did my spirit seal;

I had no human fears:

She seem’d a thing that could not feel

The touch of earthly years.


No motion has she now, no force;

She neither hears nor sees;

Roll’d round in earth’s diurnal course

with rocks, and stones, and trees.

                    W. Wordsworth



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3 Responses to my spirit

  1. soultide says:

    This is a very compelling image, Sam and welcome to the Rookery.

  2. Welcome to the Rookery! The image is lovely, and I know there is a lot behind those words, too. Treating people gently is always a good idea; one never knows what they are going through. And if they are just rude because they can me? Then you don’t have to live in their reality, just walk through it. Welcome again!

  3. jan says:

    I am sitting here smiling because I recall having to study Wordsworth in my first year as an undergraduate and always loved this poem. Your painting turned out great.

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