it’s all a matter of trial and error

the current issue of cloth paper scissors magazine is amongst my favourites.  already, after bringing it home only last wednesday, it has taken on that “loved” look, a well perused feel, pages that open automatically and stay open even after the magazine is closed – you know the look!  i absolutely LOVE that misty’s article is first and was the first technique to scream out “do me, do me”.  i love that the remainder of the pages are equally as full of really great things to try and will keep me busy for months, well, not months but at least till the next issue comes out!!!! 

the following pictures reflect my attempts over the past two days, to learn the techniques described by both Misty and Juju Vail (whose article starts on page 30).  thank you both for a fantastic couple of days worth of honing!


my mums old makeup case now holds all my paints and sports this lovely new “cover” thanks to juju!


the internal workings of the case – mirror was broken when i inherited it – bad luck doesn’t count!! working on a mosaic theme…


Misty’s technique…

 challenge one – gel medium transfer…. i’ve learnt today that patience is a HUGE virtue!!! this one was taken post “peel off the top layer of paper….”



 I think Misty may have forgotten to mention that you WILL lose a layer of skin from your chosen “paper removing” finger.  my ring finger will never look the same again and i can’t tell you how many chux i went through!!! finally though, my face was paper free!



next challenge – paint the face.  of course this requires considerable skill with both paint and brush…. follow the shading, follow the light…. i think i followed the light way into the dark and back again!  but…. in the meantime i learnt how to paint with acrylics!!! you can move those suckers around you know! and guess what, you can just paint right over the top of it if you don’t like it!!! afterall it’s only a piece of paper you know (thanx mandy!!)


 so, somewhere along the way (oh about 6 hours later) SHE emerged.  her body arrived, and i know where she’s going to end up but it got to dinner time and i had to stop…..


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4 Responses to it’s all a matter of trial and error

  1. juju says:

    Thanks for alerting me. It’s so great to see what others get up to! You have been busy!

  2. Another fan of Cloth, Paper, Scissors! What a great magazine, huh? Just got the latest issue and, like you, dived right into the work. One side of my hand (where the glue brush brushes against the outside edge) may never have real skin again! The secret to gel medium is to keep a wet towel (real cloth, not paper) right next to your workplace, and keep wiping your hands. Throw the towel in the wash while it’s still wet, or at least rinse it well, or it will become part of the gel medium. Great work! Keep reading–this issue is full of great ideas!

  3. jan says:

    Oh I love how you showed us the progress of your painting – but the painting itself looks wondeful. What a beautiful woman.

  4. Hanna says:

    How cool to make a whole transfer painting! I can’t wait to get my hands on this issue of cps-mag. It is my favourite too!

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