meet the girls

I’d like you to meet Astrid.  

Astrid, meet my friends… 

 The observant amongst you will notice that she has a pin in her head – that’s me being impatient again… still got to do some gluing and dressing!

Auntie, however is finished.  Isn’t she AMAZING? Kay has done such a magical job on her, I can’t wait till we create more dolls together.

And this gorgeous creature is Nocturne.  Kate, you have incredible talent! Don’t forget the doll group..


I’ve had such a great time making Astrid and am looking forward to creating another doll to cement the skills that Pam has instilled into all of her 8 eager workshop participants.  Thanks Pam.

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6 Responses to meet the girls

  1. Kate says:

    Wow that was quick!!! I really have to show Auntie to my mum! They’re great photos. I will definitely not forget about the doll group – July 7th right?? XOXO Kate

  2. Kate says:

    PS I pincheed this pic for my myspace cause I havent sorted out my own pics yet!!

  3. Kay says:

    Astrid! A beautiful name for a beautiful Doll, I can’t wait to see how you dress her Samm, she is delightful, well done!!!
    Kate, Nocturne is amazing, can we all come to your Grandmother’s Doll room?
    Thanks for the comments on Auntie girls, Pam has gone to her friends house for a few days of R and R and a spot of shopping in Melbourne. We made some Felt on Saturday morning, so now she has another obsession!
    I am trying to make a child for Auntie to tell her stories to, will bring to our Doll group on 7th July.Bye Bye.

  4. pangolin says:

    Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Sammmy. She’s BEAUTIFUL. WOW. wowowowowowowowow.

  5. imogen88 says:

    These dolls are incredible!

  6. Clothmatters says:

    Your doll is beautiful! Excellent work.

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