i’m not good at being patient…

Oh I’ve been sooooo busy.   I’ve thrown myself way, way, way in at the deep end and embarked on a three day doll making workshop with the amazing Pam Grose (here’s a link to an online shop that her patterns are available on – if she had a website, believe me I’d be linking it!).  I was going to leave my blog entry till I’d completely finished my doll but as I said in my title, i’m hopeless at being patient.  I’ve been happily snapping away as I’ve been busy making, some of the photos are a bit spooky but they show a bit of the INCREDIBLE process that I have been working through since tuesday. 

all arms and legs – this was the stage we got to by the end of the first day.  Body and arm/hand armature complete with the legs and arms to be stuffed for homework. 

Fully stuffed body with arms and legs sewn to the torso.  Hands are wrapped and lycra “gloves” fitted.  This was taken about midway through day 2.

can’t decide whether this is alien or homer simpson…

Lycra head fitted with lips and nostrils in place.  Day 2.

sacrificial eye doll…

this poor darling donated her eyes so mine could see.  It was “giggle o’clock” (3pm) and it seemed only right to replace them with something…

 A face only a mother could love.  Here she is, starting to take on a bit of personality.  I love her serene green eyes.

she holds the whole world in her hands.

full body lycra at home at the end of day 2.

Day 3 was a challenge for me.  I was tired today and a bit over all the complicated sculpturing of the facial features.  My sewing skills are okay but not fantastic so it took me a lot of time and tolerence to get through to the painting stage.  But here she is, all body bits in place, boobs, bum, nice bit of belly and even her head on her neck!  I took these tonight.  She needs more shading work and her face hasn’t been painted properly yet.

I think I love her!!!  Can’t wait to post the finished pictures – clothes, hair and bird taking flight from those hands.

And I know you’re not meant to have favourites but how can you resist gorgeous Kay and “Auntie”.  Auntie is a Nyungar storyteller, who, when she’s finished will have a wonderful carved talking stick and will be wearing a great, bright coloured skirt.













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3 Responses to i’m not good at being patient…

  1. Sharon says:

    Hey there :o))

    Just had to shout out a big Thank you!!! I’m just starting Pams Basic Woman pattern and though she has fabulous instructions it helps so much to see the pics!!

    So Thanks again and hugs,

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  3. Wow! I started the Basic Man, and I only got as far as your picture #1 with the arms on the wire. I am determined to finish that guy as I want to dress him and give him to my grandson.

    Thanks for posting pictures and getting my inspiration going again. 🙂

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