those promised photos…

Here are the photos I promised from our trip to the Healesville Sanctuary .  I must credit my hubby Gary for these ones, mind you, he was using MY camera!!!


Barking Owl.  One of the “true owls” that we have here in Victoria. She was such a beautiful creature, sitting there on her keepers glove.  I felt that she was a bit nervous though, she is only a very young bird and oh, those eyes!


 These feathers belong to one of the emus.  They are a funny, funny thing…. making a low, grumbly cross between a “bonk” and a “growl” when they feel threatened or cranky! 


 They are the largest land bird in Oz and are unable to fly.


Oh, my favourite….. This is Ace, the Wedgetail Eagle and his handler, Michael.  The day we went to Healesville was an incredibly windy day so unfortunately, the keepers of the raptors were unable to exercise these magnificent birds as they usually do each day at 2.30pm.  Luckily for us though, they brought a couple of birds into the reptile centre for us and after a special request from me to “bring in a big one” (I hoped it may be the Wedgetail), they brought in Ace!!! He is stunning, with a wing span of about 1.3m that will get longer as he is still a young bird, and those sharp eyes and incredible talons…. what a stunner!


This is a monitor lizard and yes, he is perched on top of the young work experience students hat!!!  He felt lovely, not quite smooth but definately not rough though, a little bumpy and nice and cool to the touch.

 So, there’s a touch of Australian animal education for you all!!!!

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One Response to those promised photos…

  1. misty says:

    wow, such lovely photos…. i love the little curls on the emu…so sweet.

    last night india came down to see the owls…it was so wonderful, she was just as excited, such a treat to have them in our yard.

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