bronze kangaroos and all things australian

we were a brave foursome that trekked out of the carpark on the 29th of may.  the wind blew ferociously and the dark, dark clouds loomed ominously overhead…


one of the many fantastic bronze pieces scattered around the sanctuary

promise me this folks, if you are ever in Healesville, locals, overseas visitors, melbourne city dwellers, anyone at all really…. do yourself the favour of visiting the Healesville Sanctuary.  I haven’t been for about 8 years, and it NEVER fails to impress me.

yes, the weather was remarkably crazy (or maybe we were crazy to be out in it), but the rain was good… oh, soooooo good.  the animals were, on the whole, out and about, frogs started croaking the minute the rain started, the creeks started running, yes, actually RUNNING with water and our overseas guests loved every wet minute of the day!



There will be more photos, loads of wonderful photos of owls, Ace the Wedgetailed eagle, lizards, snakes and much much more…. just as soon as I can master the fine (and seemingly illusive) art of copying images from hubby’s computer to disk…. DER!!! I came to work this morning all ready to copy and blog away only to find the 50 something images had all turned into one solitary photo!!!! ahem???


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