phillip island adventures


The beauty of having overseas visitors is that you get to be a tourist in your own backyard.  Yesterday, Pam, Pete, Gary and I took a drive to Phillip Island.  I haven’t been there for such a long time and certainly not to places like the Nobbies for years and years.  It was a lovely day, long for the UK travellers who think that driving further than their next village is an epic journey, but lovely nonetheless!  We stopped for the essential fish and chip lunch at the Rhyll fish and chip shop (recommended by Chris – thanks Chris) then drove on to the Nobbies.  


It certainly has changed since I was last there (probably somewhere in the early ’80’s for a school trip…).  The education centre was sensational.  It’s a great interactive place where you learn all the usual stuff but it seemed a bit more funky than usual. 


“rough seas”


The wind was blowing at 60kms which made viewing the “seal cam” a bit exciting – the photos that I snapped via the live camera were so fuzzy it looked like the seals (and in fact the rocks that they were sitting on) were wearing fur coats!  We all braved the wind and wandered out onto the boardwalk to the blowhole, spotting a penquin in her nest along the way. 


We drove home via Woolamai Beach so that Pam and Pete could appreciate the “vastness” of our aussie surf beaches.



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