sunshine and light




My dearest friend Pamela,

May you forever dance in the sunlight.  May rose petals always fall at your feet.  I wish for you, the brightest, warmest rays of light to help you along on this new journey.  I promise to be by your side when you need me, and when you don’t, I’ll be there anyway.

Thank you for your sense of “childlike” enthusiasm that you share with me.  Thank you also for your wisdom and amazing artistic talent. 

It will all be okay. 


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2 Responses to sunshine and light

  1. pangolin says:

    Ohhhhh Sammy this captures her light just perfectly.
    i have some pics up u may like to see

  2. Kay says:

    Oh Samm, she has been more deeply in my thoughts than ever this morning, and then I see how wonderfully you have captured the sheer joy and delight that she gives and my heart lifts. You are right, everything will be alright.
    love n hugs Kay

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