twas a dark and dreary day…


Today was meant to be a bright and shiny day, just like the newly polished collection of brass bits and pieces as pictured below…


 …or happy and cheery like my childhood Royal Doulton Bunnykins crockery…


…or all nice and silvery like these gorgeous pieces that once belonged to my g-g grandparents on my mothers side of the family…. 



BUT…. instead, I find myself in the lowest of lows.  The rain, which otherwise would have been heaven to my ears, is falling like tears.  You see, we took that long talked about, much debated plunge into “grown-uphood”, we chose a house to spend the next part of our lives in…  We applied for the money neccessary to pay for the gorgeous cedar two storey a-frame dream of a house….

it’s not going to happen – the sale has fallen through.  I’m sad…


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One Response to twas a dark and dreary day…

  1. pangolin says:

    How ’bout a trip to neverland instead , my friend ?

    hope the boxes are going well……

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