always in a rush…

why oh why do i ALWAYS leave things till the very latest minute???  i did, mind you, give myself a whole 18 hours to finish a project for a very important first birthday, but of course, the inevitable happened.  the stupid sewing machine decided not to free machine embroider and then friends called last minute for dinner last night!  i always do this to myself.  its not finished, and won’t be until tomorrow which is hopeless cos Hooper’s birthday is today.  what a ridiculous friend i am!

i will finish and then take photos for all to see later tonight… (after his party….. when he’s already turned one….. when he’s already got all his pressies!!!)


happy birthday Hooper

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One Response to always in a rush…

  1. what a delightful blog – I’m so glad that you visited – I love that gorgeous paper – how do you make it? – would love to try this – love that sweet quilt – I also collect heart-shaped rocks – and rocks, stones, gifts from the earth – and I love your sensibility – keep blogging and I hope that you will continue to visit me – such a treat to discover a new name on the comment list

    xox – eb.

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