i’ve been a busy girl!!!

what a good friday it’s been today…

it’s been a day of finishing (or working towards finishing!!) many ufo’s.

 these first two photos are my contribution to the second doll of the art doll rr that i’m doing.  lulu is a bit gorgeous – she’s a knitted doll who has travelled far from the uk.  she spent some time with daniel, who lead her a bit astray and gave her a piercing.  after much partying, lulu has spent some valuable hippy time with me.  i must say, she’s an extremely impressionable young lady is lulu…



 a few buttons and some copper wire makes a lovely ring…


 ahhhh, crowned at last.  this is my le petit prince art quilt.  i started this piece many months ago with the goal to submit to the “novel idea” theme for the 2008 quilting arts magazine competition.  it would have helped if i had read the size guidelines correctly!  oh well, i enjoy pulling it out and working on it now and then!  i added the crown today, and a fair bit more hand stitching.





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One Response to i’ve been a busy girl!!!

  1. katie says:

    what a fun piece! i love the handwork, handpainted face, and machine stitches all combined. i bet it’s lots of fun to work on.

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