the quilt show

wow, what a day i’ve had.  di and i went into town today and visited the quilt show that is on at jeffs shed till sunday. we visited dale’s stall and spent way toooooooo much money on all the good things!!! i wish i had some photos to post but photos weren’t allowed so i didn’t take any.  ( i watched one man get into big trouble for taking a photo so i didn’t risk it!!!)  di had some journal art quilts on show and she had also participated in an atc swap so was able to choose 5 cards to bring home.  it was hot and busy but i had a great day.  got all very inspired!

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1 Response to the quilt show

  1. Dianne says:

    I had a great day too Samm!! Wonderful company, spending lots of money on luscious stuff – what more could a girl ask for!! x

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