heart shaped thoughts



Nina writes today of her lifelong love of heart shaped stones.  As i showered under my fabulous outdoor shower (water saver trick – water plants at same time as washing self!!) yesterday, i spied this stone on the garden bed next to the jade plant.  A lovely, non-commercial picture of valentines day.

 i’m so busy trying to keep up!  the doll collaboration is going well but i am in possession of two too many dolls and i need to do something about it! 

i’m also a bit anxious this morning.  i have an optometrist appointment this afternoon… it’s not the vision testing part that really worries me, its the glaucoma test that kiiiiiillllllllllllssssssss me!  there is lots of glaucoma in dad’s side of the family so i have to get my eyes checked for it regularly.  i have such sensitive eyes that i can’t keep them open when i’m having them checked.  when i was nursing and had to administer eye drops to a patient, my eyes would water so much that i looked like i was crying!  think of me today! i really don’t like going to the optometrist!


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One Response to heart shaped thoughts

  1. pangolin says:

    ooooohhhhh. (again)
    cool heart shaped stones for those eyes of yours, lovely !
    hoping you’ve stopped weeping so the dolls can have some attention. Although you not doing anything with them for a while actually makes me feel quite relieved.
    sleep tight ( or good morning)

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