i’m sure there’s a better way but for now, here’s how you can read of my adventures at riversleigh manor… on my sidebar there is a link to riversleigh manor.  that will take you to the home page of the manor.  a bit further up on my sidebar, is a link to my journeys in riversleigh, that’s the link to my room within the manor.  i have embarked on a journey as you will read, a journey into the enchanted forest, up the faraway tree and there you will find my, in my travelling armchair, dreaming of places that i’d like to be!  i hope you enjoy.  while you’re in riversleigh, you should check out other residents rooms, you never know who’s work you might be admiring!

brick-wall-one.gif  brick-wall-two.gif  brick-wall-three.gif

these are the results of my first watercolour adventures!! well, at least they look like brick walls!  i’m teaching myself by following the activities in John Lovett’s “Watercolour for the fun of it” book.  

i wish dave the golden retriever would stop eating unsavoury things from the backyard.  coupled with his wind problem, things are a bit dismal around here this afternoon… 

bless him!!!


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1 Response to exploration

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Samm,
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog! I am happy for you to link it here. I live in Perth, Western Australia.

    I would love to see you in our online group!!
    Thanks again
    Hannah 🙂

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