the magic of digital photography

oxford 2

 Oxford, UK

I loved the mystery of this doorway when we visited Oxford.  It leads to one of the colleges, can’t remember which one, but my eyes were lead to the frame within a frame within a frame etc! You can see the original here.

gum tree 

Coonawarra, South Australia

And this tree just yelled out to have its’ photo taken.  Ahhhh the Australian countryside… one day I’ll get there!

You may wonder why they look this way??? I’m trying a new technique.  I’m not so good at sketching so I’m planning to use my skills as a photographer and ability to operate a computer (???) to come up with some original artwork.  I’ll be adding to the digitally altered images with mixed media bits and pieces.   All I need now is the time to actually practise these techniques and then I might actually have something to show for my brilliant ideas!!

And this one is the result of a special request from my loveliest old school friend Soph…

dave for soph

There is a reason photographers won’t work with children or animals.  this took a while, lots of burbs (dave the golden retriever has a wind problem) and copeous numbers of “sit, drop, stay’s” to achieve.

and then tilly got jealous…

jealous tilly


And I just can’t resist posting this one of poor old Toffee (one of Dad’s gorgeous lakeland terriers) having his bath….


“ahhh dad, i can’t seem to see anything”

 Time for dinner now!




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1 Response to the magic of digital photography

  1. sophie says:

    Oh they are so beautiful – thank you for making me smile. I just want to hug the screen when I look at Dave. And sorry not to look till now. We’ve had Sebastian sick and Archie settling into kinder, swimming lessons too, and really the last 2 weeks have just disappeared. Hope you got to the beach on the weekend.

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