SPC – Black and white and a photo a day!

SPC B&W 31jan07

SPC Black and White – more B&W self portraits here

I will get more adventurous as the month goes on!  I want to be able to do some fun computer stuff with my photography but i am just trying to find the right bits and pieces in the software that i have that will allow me to do the stuff!  i’ll keep this photo as my portrait for the month but i’ll play around with it each week…

photo a day 31jan07

 photo a day – a la Misty.

This one wasn’t my best one but i just loved the weirdness of it all!

I’m imagining them as pilots of two separate planes coming in to land….. together!! oops! “this is your captain speaking, we are going to have to make an emergency landing…. fasten your seatbelts….REALLY WELL please!”




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2 Responses to SPC – Black and white and a photo a day!

  1. pangolin says:

    oh. ah hem.
    Could I ask you to get just move your beak a little bit out of my spleen.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Your work is so lovely. We really do need you participating in the Soul Food community, if only to replicate some of your posts here. No strings attached but perhaps you would like a room at Riversleigh.

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