the hoarder’s daughter

keeper of her mothers secrets

click on her for greater detail

a new name. an identification of who i am and why i am who i am!! mum died three years ago and i still have a room full of unopened boxes.  this is not necessarily a bad thing.  each time i open a box, i find a new secret, a new piece that i can use for my art.  this name, the hoarder’s daughter, a new name for my business, reflects who i am! she WAS a consumate hoarder and i am so glad she was! if mum hadn’t kept all the things she kept, i wouldn’t have been able to do the things i do.  i wouldn’t have been able to so easily trace 6 generations of family (on all sides), i wouldn’t have collections of medical ephemera, of glass, ceramics, silver, little things, big things, postage stamps (boxes of the things!), magazines, books, photos, slides, artwork, vintage fabrics, buttons (oh, thousands of buttons) to list just a few. 

i like my new name….


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