rainy day sunday

ah the rain, the lovely cleansing effect it has on me.  i feel new and refreshed.  ive been visiting (check here, here and here for some very inspirational people), i’ve had my morning catch up with my lovely friend pamela, who is muddling along through much adversity.  pamela’s son tom had a skateboarding accident just over a week ago and is in a not so good way in the alfred hospital, melbourne.  any good wishes would be appreciated.  we’re thinking of you tom xoxo.

so now its time for me to get out of my jarmies, oh but they are so comfortable…. and do some work!  i am inspired though and it won’t be hard.

here’s some photos of some of the things i am and have been working on of late….

felted purse

dredded dolls hair!

wicked stepmother


 the felted purse was the result of spending a day at work whilst a felting workshop went on in the back room.  i couldn’t attend so had to rush home and make something for myself!!! it is such a beautiful colour in reality, but my photography skills this morning don’t reflect the lovely shimmering silk on the surface. oh well!  oh, the great buttons are available in the shop , oooo and here’s me!!!!

the second photo, dredded hair is the turvy part of daniels topsy turvy doll for our doll swap collaboration.  i spent most of yesterday felting her hair in an attempt to achieve a “cinderella” type look for this end!  the third photo is the topsy end, the wicked stepmother with cold calculating eyes…. 

xo happy days

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