toga parties in the heat!

it was gorgeous daniel’s birthday yesterday so he decided to throw a toga party on the deck! most people were good and dressed  accordingly – photos can be seen here!  it was a fun evening of much cosmopolitan consumption for those not driving and as we left early, i’m dying to hear the wrap up of the night – dan’s parties are ALWAYS wild!  (last one he had involved people in bath tubs sliding down the deck staircase….)

short and sweet today, am looking forward to sitting down and doing some more work on “prince dreaming” – i’ve pulled out all my green yarns and threads and i’ve got some new machine embroidery thread to use with my NEW DARNING FOOT…. OOOOOHHHHHH YYYYAAAAAAYYYY!!!

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2 Responses to toga parties in the heat!

  1. pangolin says:

    Nice pics, lovely. I cant believe I havent looked at them before……
    what have I been doing with my time ?
    When is felt fest 07 ?

  2. Geraldine says:

    wow! this new format is gorgeous!!

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