I’m having a breakdown of the I.T. type…

On the day I was born, the sun, moon and stars collided and determined that this little girl was to be a communicator. A gemini, a listener, a speaker, a writer, a communicator. Today, it’s happened again and I find myself in a very frustrated mood. Since I last typed on the 10th of December, I have typed a further 3 entries, all sharing photos and stories of my art, Christmas, work and the new year. Of friends and family, pets and weird weather, my last was the most detailed. Three photos, two of new, exciting art explorations and one of the MOST stunning ficicolia (flowering gum) but alas, somewhere out in cyberspace, three blog entries float, looking for a home perhaps, or maybe just float…


I don’t know whether its blogger or whether its the wizbang, kill all spam programme that I installed or whether it was just busy christmas traffic online, but I don’t know how much more I can take! Today I’m restoring my soul by making my quilting arts 2008 calendar challenge piece (no links, previous blog entry had one but it ended up somewhere in c-space). I’m returning to the basics for a bit… I will be back, I promise, but I think it may be at a new blog home.

So, if you want to see any of my current art work….. um, I’ll be at home!!!

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