summer’s nearly here…

I took this the other evening, a couple of days ago, then had a fight with my blog and the posting part of my blog specifically so i couldn’t post it…. But how beautiful is this sunset? I was driving home from Mornington along the beach (my favourite way to go). Got to Mt Martha beach and pulled over, stuck my head out the sunroof of the truck and snapped away.

The cricket’s on the telly, cicada’s are in the trees, Dave the golden retriever is panting, excessively(!) and I’ve got a teeshirt on! Yay for sunshine!
I joined the gym again last week. Today was my 5th visit since joining and if I keep this up I’ll be dead before christmas! Oh my goodness, how unfit a gal can get in just two years!!! Slowly but surely…. i’ve got my goals and I’m already feeling stronger.
Off to clean up my studio space this afternoon – HUGE task, need lots of help but I’m really looking forward to being organised. I feel like my head is all jumbled, full of great art ideas, but because my physical space is also jumbled, I can’t get anything out there. Spring cleaning – what a joy.

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One Response to summer’s nearly here…

  1. Dianne says:

    I know, isn’t this weather wonderful. Your photo is wonderful, especially being snapped from a moving truck. Hope to catch up soon.

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