here’s a funny thing

this kept me awake for ages the other night… at 3.15 am these words were rattling around in my head, nicely coupled with images to match and I couldn’t go back to sleep until I wrote them down on the inside cover of the paperback i’m currently reading, under the light of my mobile phone.

“weave us a road”, he said and we did. she and i were entranced by each others maps and drawings as we felt our way along. “play a trombone for me”, he said so I did. as i sat, all tangled in the ‘bone and its arms and legs, he said, “you must swing from great height, it is only then that you will achieve the note of beauty that you desire.”

I can picture the images as well but they are hard to describe – let me try… for the bit about the woven road, there was a page of woven paper, like a road, leading gently off the page. the maps and drawings were a part of us, a girlfriend and me. the trombone was actually a seat that I was sitting in, a bit like a chairlift seat hanging in the sky but a trombone. and the arms and legs of the instrument were the part of the trombone that you move to get the different notes. it was what held me safely inside the chair.

the more i read the words the more i like them. i reread them when i woke up in the morning and was quite surprised at how poetic they were! weird, but poetic!

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One Response to here’s a funny thing

  1. orchid40 says:

    Hi Samm,
    It was lovely to meet you today – I love this poem, it gets right to the heart of the person, to the truth and to the real values.
    I haven`t read any more of your blog yet but will do so now.
    Hope to talk to you soon,
    Val of valsobsession

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